"The Blues is incredibly diverse and can be played in so many different ways. The Blues feeling is perceptible in every moment in my music. The Blues is a source of inspiration and expression of my deepest feelings."
Barbara Dennerlein

It is unmistakable, the blues is in her blood. She masterfully elicits the Blue Notes from her Hammond B3. Her intense blues feeling and her versatility come into their own on this compilation. Barbara spans a range from the traditional to the experimental in nine recordings from 1985 to 2014 - in different instrumentations - in studio and live.

You can find the latest CD "BEST OF BLUES - Through The Years" in CD's AND MORE.


"World star on the organ

She repeatedly receives awards for her albums, and she regularly earns ovations and brilliant reviews for her performances: the Munich organist Barbara Dennerlein has been one of the world's best artists on the Hammond organ for decades and is Germany's most successful jazz export. Here she now grants exclusive insights into her art and her life, tells how she was enthusiastic about the Hammond early on, how she later discovered the church organ - and performs the impressive technique in the interplay of hands and on her Hammond B3 Feet in front. (...)"

The Deutsches Museum wrote an article about Barbara for the Google Arts & Culture portal. See and hear what the musician has to say about herself, her music and her instrument.


3-dimensional keys and a clef as relief on the dial - this avant-garde design creates musical feelings and attracts any fan of sophisticated music, art and watch enthusiast around the world.

The watch "barbara", hand-made by Alexander Shorokhov Manufactury, received the German Design Award "Special Mention 2016" for its outstanding design.

Shorokhov pays his respect to one of the greatest temporary female Jazz musicians: "Barbara's avant-garde music has captured me. I created a watch with organ keys around a clef. This remarkable design corresponds to the work of this unique artist."

The hand-made automatic watch is strictly limited and also available through Barbara Dennerlein.